The 5 Best Protein Supplements for Training

The 5 Best Protein Supplements for Training

The 5 Best Protein Supplements for Training

Did you know that it is possible to replenish your body’s proteins? Here we will tell you which are the best protein supplements for your training, but first, you must know the importance of proteins, because many times we think that they are only needed when we are going to exercise.

Proteins indeed give you the strength and resistance necessary for a high level of training, but, in addition, they also help the body function as it should.

There are many types of proteins depending on the body’s function, but in general, they are responsible for maintaining and regenerating tissues and muscles. In turn, proteins are obtained naturally through food.

And that is just the beginning! If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Why are protein supplements consumed?

When you have a lot of physical activity, the protein we get from food may not be enough, so we can help our body to supplement the lack of protein.

If taken correctly, supplements can increase strength and endurance in athletes.

You can find a wide variety of supplements, but we share with you which are the best protein supplements and their contributions. Continue reading and discover them!

  1. Egg protein

    This is the most important and, ultimately, the first option to consider.

    We are talking about egg albumin. Albumin is obtained from the egg white and is one of the proteins with the highest nutritional value.

    It can consume before or after exercising, as its contributions are ideal for health.

    Some of the most outstanding benefits it provides are :

    Increased muscle mass

    When we exercise, one of the goals is to increase muscle mass. This protein helps in speeding up that process and minimizes muscle loss over time.


    The components of egg white are relatively low in calories. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety which prevents the increase in the portions you consume.

    1. Creatine

    Its Improves muscle strength and athletic performance. It is mainly used for high-intensity and short-duration sports.

    This injects the muscles’ drive to perform specific exercises, such as lifting weights.

    It also provides resistance to the muscle, which allows older people to continue with certain workouts.

    1. Glutamine

    Its main function is to help in the prompt recovery of the muscle.

    During exercise, your body expends a large amount of energy, depleting its reserves, which causes slow muscle recovery.

    Glutamine restores those energy levels, aiding in muscle repair and thus accelerating muscle growth.

    1. Casein

    Most protein supplements aim to increase strength, endurance, or energy during training or the immediate recovery of muscles after exercise. Still, when you go for long periods without eating food, your body loses protein, and this without It certainly affects your muscles.

    Casein is slowly absorbed. Its contribution lies in providing your body with protein to prevent muscle loss, better known as a catabolic state.

    1. HMB (b-hydroxy b-methylbutyrate)

    Protein supplements are mainly recommended for high-performance athletes or constant athletes, but if you intend to enter the world of exercise or have been without this type’s physical activity for an extended period, then consider this protein.

    It also works if you are thinking of increasing the intensity of training. Its main benefits are:

    Increases aerobic capacity

    It allows you to have resistance for more extended periods of exercise but of medium or low intensity.

    Reduces muscle destruction or damage


    This protein will help reduce muscle inflammation and generate resistance to avoid injuries.

    Inhibits protein degradation

    Protein loss is a factor to consider during exercise, so this protein has the characteristic of stimulating protein synthesis.

    Another positive effect is the increase in cardio respiratory endurance.

    8 key tips when consuming a protein supplement!

    Now let us share 8 tips that will help you introduce supplements to your exercise routine:

    1. The type of protein supplement you consume and the amount will depend on your type of training and intensity levels.
    2. Food is a factor that you cannot ignore.
    3. Do not forget that supplements do not replace your diet but must complement it so that your body has all the necessary nutrients and the energy to continue training.
    4. You also have to consider other factors such as age, weight, and if you have any disease or condition that limit you in the consumption of supplements.
    5. Pay attention to any contraindications for consuming any product due to any particular situation.
    6. It is always advisable to consult a specialist about the effects that the supplement you want to take will have and the benefits it could bring to your health.
    7. When you go to try a product, we suggest you check its composition and if you have any doubts, ask a specialist!
    8. Finally, opt for the most natural. Try to choose products with more natural components, to avoid adverse effects on your health.

    Exercising is very good for your health, but what better than staying healthy? You can gain strength and endurance and perform better during your training with your help!


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